Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Pattern

I have been working my self ragged lately trying to keep things listed on ebay every other day...UGH....but yesterday I hit a stand still when I ran out of thread. Oh well...I needed a break...
Y'know....I get so bored making the same thing over and over....I don't see how some of these dollmakers can make the same doll day after day...and yeah...I understand that you are using different fabrics...and I actually get excited just to see how they will turn out....I don't know....maybe it is just me...maybe it is just the fact that I am cooped up...too cold to do anything more than venture to the mailbox...and too trecherous too with the snow.
So....I designed yet another doll for pattern....she is AnnaMarie named after someone very special to me...paper pattern #124....she is 10" tall....and similar to Hannah and Lil MaryAnne...just smaller. She is listed on eBay and on my Etsy shop. Check them out for more photos.

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  1. Hi Kat,
    Just ordered your Hannah from Ebay today. Can hardly wait to get her. I guess I'm one of those that find a particular pattern and can make the same dolls day after day. I love buying and making the clothes for dolls. I made your Courtney doll and am almost finished with her. Just have to paint her shoes. I did put different eyes on her though.