Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today I am off on a fabric quest...believe it or not...I am looking for halloween fabric...spider webs to be exact...wish me luck...I think I will need it...LOL!
I jus thought I'd take a minute this morning and show you all what is newly listed on eBay...I have done up some sets of little 10"-11" AnnaMarie Annie dollies. This first set is a set of Irish lasses done in St. Patricks Day fabrics...
This set is done in Valentines Day fabrics....I just love these little dollies....I save scraps of muslin while making the bigger dolls just to use for these little cuties...and these use up excess pieces of fabric from the larger dolls also....Pattern is available for this 11" AnnaMarie...
To view more pics of these HERE and HERE. For pattern Click HERE


  1. I love the weee little ones! They are so cute just like the one I have hee, hee, hee! Just too adorable Kat! :)