Friday, January 29, 2010

In Memory of Ralph.....

Randy is leaving tonite to go to Tomah, Wisconsin for some ice fishing...along with our daughters boyfriend Josh and his friend Dean. Brrrrrrr. He will be staying at the camper tonite and on Saturday he has to sign up for the 1st annual Ralph Kosch Ice Fishing Tournament. Ralph is my husbands father who passed away almost a year ago. He owned a sporting goods shop just off Lake Redstone between Reedsburg and LaValle Wisconsin called 4 Seasons Sports...My mother in law recently sold it to a man from here in Illinois. In honor of Ralph...the man who built that business from the ground up and invested 13 plus years into it....he is naming the Ice fishing derby after him. It is a very nice gesture and should attract alot of contestants.
I am not going....I got sick last night...finally got what everyone else had. I could feel it coming on yesterday and chose to ignore it, hoping it would go away...but then...around 4PM it hit me full on. I am achy, stuffy, probably have a fever, and am just plain tired. I don't have time for this...I have too much to do. And it is so cold here....1 degree outside this morning....and I KNOW I have to go purchase some muslin today to make more dollies.....I have things to ship...I wanted to invite my daughter and Handsome Pants for dinner tonite...UGH!!
Anyway....I am hugging my trusty box of Aloe Kleenex and taking some DayQuil...that should knock me out.... YAY!! I really don't like the feeling of my head floating above my shoulders...

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  1. Hello and thanks for stopping by. I hope that you begin to feel better. The weather is so crazy anymore it's no wonder we get sick.

    I would love the recipe for the cheesecake. A little "treat" like that would be wonderful. I'm open for any and all recipes.

    It's hard for me to take in to consideration the diabetes and trying to loose weight. In order to have gastric bypass, I have to show that I am serious so I also have to watch my calories.

    I could just kick myself for letting myself get to this point. Now I have to just concentrate on becoming healthy again.

    Have a great, blessed day.