Saturday, January 9, 2010


Apparently I have let nearly 2 months pass without writing anything in my blog....UGH...holidays...glad they are over.

Christmas went off without a hitch....well...there was that big ice storm on Thursday....broken branches were everywhere from the weight of the frozen snow and ice. But hey....every thing has a bright side. The broken branches from the crooked pine tree were laying everywhere in the front yard. And it is weird that I had just told my husband to cut me some so that I could lay them atop the suspended ladder above the breakfast bar....and let them droop over the cabinets. So....amist sleet, rain and snow....I pulled 2 well over 8 ft branches up onto the porch and began cutting smaller branches from the large one.... They were so heavy from the frozen ice....I had to put them into the tub to thaw...and from there they went to their perspective places to hang.

And you know you are old when the only plans you have for New Years Eve is sitting at home, having your parents for dinner, and planning to stay up to watch the ball drop in New York on tv....but never making it past 10:30. Woo Hoo....ain't this livin'?

Well....I have decided to throw myself head first into patterns this year....yep...that was my resolution. We will see how long this lasts.....May perhaps?

Above is my new pattern Simply Annie with a heart garland. You can find her on eBay or my etsy shop....check it out for more pics.

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