Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson~This Is It

Last night at 10:30 I went to see the new Michael Jackson~This Is It movie. I must say that the beginning first maybe 10 minutes was extremely boring. But as it got going...I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I didn't even get up to go to the restroom...I didn't want to miss anything. Had he lived to actually do this would have been phenomenal! History! I recommend that anyone who listened to his music...go see this won't be dissappointed! I wasn't.
I do wish that the song, "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground" would have been longer...geez I remember dancing to that back when I was a bit more limber. LOL!
What a talented individual! Even the remake of Thriller was way better than the original! Just an awesome movie...I am still reeling!

Monday, October 26, 2009


That is right! Just click this pic and it will take you to the online craft show which begins today and runs thru November 9th! You can find me listed under the doll category! I have 2 Simply Courtney dolls waiting in the wings to be listed for this show at a great prices! And FREE SHIPPING is offered on any item in my booth (within the US 50). I am also taking custom orders on dolls that will be listed within my booth! Now is a good time to get what you want at a great price! Custom orders are taken on a first come first served basis! So check it out...I have never done this online show type thing before, but it really sounds like a wonderful time....I am READY!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Austin's first Pumpkin

Ryan and Krista carved that pumpkin Saturday nite for little Austin pictured here. I think that was probably the first pumpkin that Ryan carved all by himself EVER!! Yes, I might have been a bad mom once I actually thought about that....or maybe a good one for not giving my kids sharp be the judge! LOL! is my grandson Austin (AKA Mr.Cutes!) sitting out front on the old barnwood bench with his very first pumpkin.

It Came In The Mail Today!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥

Yep...the Pirate costume for my grandson Brody arrived today....well, yesterday. And when my daughter got off work she brought him by to try on his costume. He hated it! He is not much for wearing hats.
This outfit was complete with everything but the eyepatch and attitude! Now he just needs to learn the pirate growl!

UGH!! He is not having that hat on. I tried to get my son to hold him while my daughter slipped on his red bandana and pirate hat. It even came with a hook for his hand, booties, AND the inevitable pirate earring!

He didn't even like the red bandana...but at least I got this shot of him wearing it!! Now all he needs is an eyepatch...yeah, he'd wear that. He was a much better SKUNK last year!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Can you believe that someone is actually giving away fabric? ME EITHER!! Apparently they are. Here is the link...check for yourself! Woo-hoooo! It really is a happpy halloween!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yes, it is true....Bittersweet Prims is giving away a very cute snow can sign up and check him out by following this link...


So, I'll admit that I am not much of a girly girl...I don't do much primping or worrying about hair and make-up. But in the same breath...I have never been a big fan of camping either. I think it stems from the "TENT CAMPING" experiences I had as a child. It was just plain boring! However, back in July....mid July...we went to Eagles Nest Resort up near Tomah, Wisconsin...for a 3 day weekend getaway...a mini vacation. My mother in law has a camper there at the campground. We took our son and his girlfriend Krista, and our longtime friend Adam and his girlfriend Robin.

There is a restaurant/bar at the campground. We went up there for about an hour and played several games of pool.
We took a 2 hour ride up to Big Bear Loop. It was so cold! I had on 2 shirts, a sweat shirt, hiking boots, gloves, and goggles! And it was MID JULY!! Once I got used to driving this thing....I let it rip! What a blast this was!
So, since I had my own quad and Randy had his own quad....Ryan and Krista....Adam and Robin shared a quad....we only had 4 of them....So....they decided to let the ladies drive on the way back from a ride.

We had taken a little road which brought us out to a peak overlooking the lake. We had brought some sandwiches and just stood around laughing.
All in all it was a fun weekend....except for the truck breaking down to the tune of $350. UGH!! We had to leave it there to be repaired. We had brought both for pulling the boat and the other for pulling the quads. We rode 3 hours home...the 6 of us all in the one truck. The boat stayed too and we only pulled the quads back. The following weekend Randy and I returned to pick up the truck and to bring the boat home.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Where did the summer go? Needless to say, the backyard doesn't look this colorful any longer. And that is sad because the gate to the backyard looked so welcoming! And notice the Hollyhocks? Randy went to Germany a few years back....he had been searching for flowers that his Grandma had in her garden...but couldn't remember the name of them...he spotted some flowers in someones yard, stopped the car, and asked if he could gather some seed from them. He brought them home with him and we planted them the following year. Now they just continually reseed themselves...and we pull seeds from them....any vacant area he can find he seeds with them...UGH! But they are beautiful and very tall.
The inside of the gate...once you are back can't be seen. And we live in town with neighbors close by. But, due to the bushes, the fences and many trees, sitting upon the deck does have its tranquill moments. Check out the old boot that I painted. It was one of Randy's work boots...steel toe and all! It is a bit worn, but I still love it!

This is a shot of my vintage....not reproduction....shellback chairs that I painted red and yellow. We found them at a flea market in Wisconsin. I paid $30 for the pair. They were completely rusted....but Randy had a friend sandblast them and I refurbished them. I have alot of copper boilers on and around the deck filled with can see one of them on the corner of the deck.

I absolutely love it here....and especially at this time of the day...when the shade from the tree is on the deck. I always tell Randy that if we ever move....I want to take the backyard with me. The canopy on the gazebo is not the original....the original suffered from wind damage and ripped beyond belief. So, I cut it apart and made a pattern on newspaper all taped together and went to Walmart and purchased $1 a yard fabric to make my cost a total of $10. Yep, thats right....I am frugal! LOL!! The arch over the steps to the deck was built by my hubby. Yes, he is a welder and has created me some really neat things out of steel for the back yard....I have another trellis similar to this one over my tractor tire where 2 clematis climb up each side. And he created me almost like a vase out of steel to keep my peonies from falling over. Yep, he loves me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Freckles~Down on the Farm

In need of a new home!
This is Freckles~Down on the Farm. She is a 20" raggedy Annie type doll. She is made from muslin and stained with coffee and tea for a realistic skin tone. She wears a farm print dress featuring cows, barn, and apple trees. I have attached a red button at the bodice front. Over her dress she wears a red bandana print apron which ties in the back at waist and neck...I have attached 2 green buttons where the shoulder straps meet the apron top. She wears muslin bloomers beneath her dress and little white bobby socks on her feet. And check out those red suede shoes. Mary Jane style of course. Her face is hand drawn, hand painted, shaded and sealed. Her hair is a brown wool yarn tied up into ponies with matching fabric bows. She is totally cute! And you can purchase her here! She is $25.00 plus $7.80 for shipping.


Friday, October 16, 2009


I have added music to my page. It is hammered dulcimer, if you are wondering. I love it! It reminds me of fall....and trips to Edwards Apple Orchard and Lanes Country Market at its peak! When my friend and I had the craft consignment boutique, we played this music nonstop! And even sold CD's of the music we played in the shop. It is rather hard to find on project playlist...and I may have to go looking....or digging...thru the stack of CD's downstairs to find the name of the artists we always played. I would so love to have it on here.

Today, I am feeling much better....I spent most of yesterday curled upon the couch with my weiner dog...Mr. Weenie or Buddy. He gets called both and answers to both. Needless to say I have a sink full of dishes that didn't get washed...and I hate a messy kitchen. But yesterday, I could have cared less.

If anyone knows of any hammered dulcimer artists that have music on project playlist...I would love to know.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not feeling so great today~

Everyone in my household has been sick with flu symptoms since Sunday morning. I walked around bleaching doorknobs, just about everything that anyone may have touched. UGH!! My husband came home from work with half the symptoms on Monday...and stayed home from work on Tuesday....this "BUG" seems to only last about 8-12 hours and then it is gone like it never happened. Now for the past 2 days I have just felt like complete uselessness...if that is even a word...and if not, it should be! I am not exhibiting any symptoms other than I am just tired, my shoulders hurt down to just above my elbows....and my lower back is not at par either. might be because I am just feeling that birthday I recently had....geez, I hope that is all it is! Or maybe I just need to nap....Hmmmmm? That sounds wonderful, except that I have custom orders that need to go off today....and I have a big order for patterns to The Pattern Hutch that need to be printed....and I am sooooooo tryin to get this blog thing....trying to write something each day and put up more pics....UGH!! I need a vacation, in a 5 star hotel with room service!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OOops! I forgot the Freckles on Freckles...LOL!

These are the new darlin's that I did as a custom order for a dear sweet lady in Canada. I don't usually do them with brown eyes....but I think they turned out quite nicely...except for forgetting the freckles on a doll named Freckles...LOL! I have put them on! Pattern for this doll is available at all the site links for $11 plus $1 postage within the US. Postage for anywhere else is usually $2.66.
NON SEWERS....finished doll is available upon email to me for $30 plus shipping based upon your zipcode.

NEW Patches Santa!!

NEW PATTERN and listed on all my site links is my 32" Patches Santa! What a big, fat, jolly man he turned out to be. Since I still do not have the first clue as to how to do e-patterns, I offer him in paper form via mail. The patterns come complete with pattern pieces, color cover photo, detailed instructions, and materials lists.
For you NON SEWERS...You may also order him directly thru me...and I will make him for you!
Pattern for this big fella is $11 plus $1 postage!
Finished Doll available for custom orders $45 plus shipping.