Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Where did the summer go? Needless to say, the backyard doesn't look this colorful any longer. And that is sad because the gate to the backyard looked so welcoming! And notice the Hollyhocks? Randy went to Germany a few years back....he had been searching for flowers that his Grandma had in her garden...but couldn't remember the name of them...he spotted some flowers in someones yard, stopped the car, and asked if he could gather some seed from them. He brought them home with him and we planted them the following year. Now they just continually reseed themselves...and we pull seeds from them....any vacant area he can find he seeds with them...UGH! But they are beautiful and very tall.
The inside of the gate...once you are back can't be seen. And we live in town with neighbors close by. But, due to the bushes, the fences and many trees, sitting upon the deck does have its tranquill moments. Check out the old boot that I painted. It was one of Randy's work boots...steel toe and all! It is a bit worn, but I still love it!

This is a shot of my vintage....not reproduction....shellback chairs that I painted red and yellow. We found them at a flea market in Wisconsin. I paid $30 for the pair. They were completely rusted....but Randy had a friend sandblast them and I refurbished them. I have alot of copper boilers on and around the deck filled with can see one of them on the corner of the deck.

I absolutely love it here....and especially at this time of the day...when the shade from the tree is on the deck. I always tell Randy that if we ever move....I want to take the backyard with me. The canopy on the gazebo is not the original....the original suffered from wind damage and ripped beyond belief. So, I cut it apart and made a pattern on newspaper all taped together and went to Walmart and purchased $1 a yard fabric to make my cost a total of $10. Yep, thats right....I am frugal! LOL!! The arch over the steps to the deck was built by my hubby. Yes, he is a welder and has created me some really neat things out of steel for the back yard....I have another trellis similar to this one over my tractor tire where 2 clematis climb up each side. And he created me almost like a vase out of steel to keep my peonies from falling over. Yep, he loves me!


  1. Love the pictures! I'm so proud of you! Everytime I visit you've added something new! Now you have a bloglist!!! (thanks for adding me!) And you're on FLICKR! You go girl!

  2. Sandy, you gave me that much needed nudge! I had a flickr before, just didn't know what to do with it...kinda like this blog...LOL!! I am thankful for the day you found me and gave me that much needed push!