Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, I'll admit that I am not much of a girly girl...I don't do much primping or worrying about hair and make-up. But in the same breath...I have never been a big fan of camping either. I think it stems from the "TENT CAMPING" experiences I had as a child. It was just plain boring! However, back in July....mid July...we went to Eagles Nest Resort up near Tomah, Wisconsin...for a 3 day weekend getaway...a mini vacation. My mother in law has a camper there at the campground. We took our son and his girlfriend Krista, and our longtime friend Adam and his girlfriend Robin.

There is a restaurant/bar at the campground. We went up there for about an hour and played several games of pool.
We took a 2 hour ride up to Big Bear Loop. It was so cold! I had on 2 shirts, a sweat shirt, hiking boots, gloves, and goggles! And it was MID JULY!! Once I got used to driving this thing....I let it rip! What a blast this was!
So, since I had my own quad and Randy had his own quad....Ryan and Krista....Adam and Robin shared a quad....we only had 4 of them....So....they decided to let the ladies drive on the way back from a ride.

We had taken a little road which brought us out to a peak overlooking the lake. We had brought some sandwiches and just stood around laughing.
All in all it was a fun weekend....except for the truck breaking down to the tune of $350. UGH!! We had to leave it there to be repaired. We had brought both trucks...one for pulling the boat and the other for pulling the quads. We rode 3 hours home...the 6 of us all in the one truck. The boat stayed too and we only pulled the quads back. The following weekend Randy and I returned to pick up the truck and to bring the boat home.

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