Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OOops! I forgot the Freckles on Freckles...LOL!

These are the new darlin's that I did as a custom order for a dear sweet lady in Canada. I don't usually do them with brown eyes....but I think they turned out quite nicely...except for forgetting the freckles on a doll named Freckles...LOL! I have put them on! Pattern for this doll is available at all the site links for $11 plus $1 postage within the US. Postage for anywhere else is usually $2.66.
NON SEWERS....finished doll is available upon email to me for $30 plus shipping based upon your zipcode.


  1. Such pretty dolls! I love their shoes!

  2. Your dolls are adorable!!! I am looking forward to "following" you!! Please feel free to follow me as well!!! Welcome to BlogLand.

    Anne aka