Friday, October 16, 2009


I have added music to my page. It is hammered dulcimer, if you are wondering. I love it! It reminds me of fall....and trips to Edwards Apple Orchard and Lanes Country Market at its peak! When my friend and I had the craft consignment boutique, we played this music nonstop! And even sold CD's of the music we played in the shop. It is rather hard to find on project playlist...and I may have to go looking....or digging...thru the stack of CD's downstairs to find the name of the artists we always played. I would so love to have it on here.

Today, I am feeling much better....I spent most of yesterday curled upon the couch with my weiner dog...Mr. Weenie or Buddy. He gets called both and answers to both. Needless to say I have a sink full of dishes that didn't get washed...and I hate a messy kitchen. But yesterday, I could have cared less.

If anyone knows of any hammered dulcimer artists that have music on project playlist...I would love to know.


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