Sunday, October 18, 2009

Freckles~Down on the Farm

In need of a new home!
This is Freckles~Down on the Farm. She is a 20" raggedy Annie type doll. She is made from muslin and stained with coffee and tea for a realistic skin tone. She wears a farm print dress featuring cows, barn, and apple trees. I have attached a red button at the bodice front. Over her dress she wears a red bandana print apron which ties in the back at waist and neck...I have attached 2 green buttons where the shoulder straps meet the apron top. She wears muslin bloomers beneath her dress and little white bobby socks on her feet. And check out those red suede shoes. Mary Jane style of course. Her face is hand drawn, hand painted, shaded and sealed. Her hair is a brown wool yarn tied up into ponies with matching fabric bows. She is totally cute! And you can purchase her here! She is $25.00 plus $7.80 for shipping.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Kat!!! Freckles is adorable!!! Her eyes are so beautiful!! You are sooooo talented!!

    My daughter used to call her pony tails "ponies" too!! It was such a big decision first thing in the morning, one pony or two? LOL, thanks for bringing back that sweet memory!!!