Sunday, December 14, 2008

♥Sheldon the Elf♥

This is Sheldon the of my most popular elves.
He is 26" tall and wears knickers, a holiday print shirt, elfin booties, a felt vest and stocking cap. He carries items which appear that he might have made in the toy workshop at the north pole. Shown here holding a wooden toy train and teddy.
I gave birth to Sheldon (LOL) in October of 2008 and offer paper pattern to him on ebay, etsy and is REALLY hard for me to box and ship this guy...he just looks at me inside the box with those big ole' eyes as if to be saying...."WHY? Why am I leaving? I just got here!" But, I know he must go because someone else wanted him...LOL! And it is good to share!

I am REALLY new to all this "blogging" stuff...and welcome any help anyone can give me. I would love to know how to get a nice background for my page here...HEeeeelllllp! Yes, I am truly clueless!
Thanks for reading! Blogging sounds like some sort of country dance to me.....JMO! LOL!

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