Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New patterns available in my Etsy shoppe for Instant Download

There are quite a few NEW e-patterns available in my Etsy shopThere is also a Pick 4 e-pattern listing.  The pick 4 is not an instant digital file.  It is something that will be sent to you via your email with your choices attached as files to the email.  You may only use that listing to receive the discount. 
This pattern #161 Patriotic Anne, will make the 14" finished doll as shown above. Included in pattern are pattern pieces for body, clothing, measurements for dress skirt, detailed instructions including a tea stain recipe, color cover photo, close up photo on final page of instructions, materials list, and my secret time saving steps.

   This pattern #158 Annies Lil Baby will make the 22" finished doll as shown above including her 9" baby. Included in pattern are pattern pieces for body, clothing, measurements for dress skirt and apron, and all baby parts, detailed instructions including a tea stain recipe, color cover photo, close up photo on final page of instructions, materials list, and my secret time saving steps.

 Cookies 4 Andy is also new for 2015. 
This pattern will make the 21" finished doll as shown above. Included in pattern are pattern pieces for body, clothing and measurements, and cookies, detailed instructions including a tea stain recipe, color cover photo, materials list, and my secret time saving steps.

 Somebunny to Love pattern #165 will create the 22" finished doll and 11" bunny as shown. Included in pattern are pattern pieces for body, clothing and measurements, and all bunny parts and measurements, detailed instructions including a tea stain recipe, color cover photo, materials list, and my secret time saving steps.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still NOTHING!!!

Well....another court date came and went for my son.  And still nothing.  He has performed like a circus act for the court. This entire ordeal has left me questioning WHY is it so difficult for a man who WANTS to co-parent their child?  There are so many men in the world who just walk away from their children...who don't pay their child support...who want nothing more than to carry on with their OWN lives.  He has had 1 one-on-one meeting with the mediator after paying $600 for his tentative 4 meetings, he has completed his parenting class at $60.  Yesterday's court date was nothing more than a status date.  How disheartening!  I had written up a motion for him to file with the circuit clerk for Temporary Relief for Visitation.  He asked the ladies at the circuit clerk desk if he needed to file it, getting a new court date, or since he would be in court that morning if he could just request it before the judge.  They told him he could just ask the judge to consider it.  Due to the weather and some of the judges not being present, the judge for his case had alot on his docket yesterday...  The judge told him it was "too soon" to ask for temporary relief.  And honestly...when the judge said it was too soon...he SHOULD HAVE SAID..."why is it too early?  I have
already had visitation with him prior to all of this."  But...that was never said...   Sometimes I question myself as to why I go to all the trouble of trying to help and talk to coaching.  If he is not going to do things as I suggest, what is the point and why do I continue to try?  I am thinking he NEEDS a lawyer...I did see something online where you can request an attorney in a nearby town who work for nothing or just a small fee.  He cannot afford a lawyer...this month alone, he has had only one full week of work due to meetings, court dates, and completing his court order.  How did he finance the $600 mediator fee?  He scrapped metal and received $400 for it...used his Christmas bonus for the remainder of it...How sad, but resourceful and determined!
When we walked into court, we saw the mother sitting outside the courtroom.  We overheard her talking to an attorney.  That attorney is one who works at the lawfirm where her mother works as a secretary/front desk.  We overheard her questioning this attorney regarding drinking.  Something about using that in her case.  WHAT CASE?  WHAT DRINKING?  Was she perhaps referring to her current boyfriend who has a recent DUI conviction?  The attorney asked her if she had proof and she stated that she did not.  What is this girl trying to do?  Cut him out entirely?  Like HER mother did to HER father?  I am deeply saddened by all of this...and even though this is not my DOES affect me personally.  It affects my ability to see my grandson whom I have seen since birth.  I am at a complete loss! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Melancholy Christmas

Of late, I have not seen my paternal grandson since October 23, 2013....almost 2 months.  And let me tell really stinks!  We have already missed out on Halloween and Thanksgiving this year and will be missing out on Christmas as well, due to visitation denial.
 My son and the mother were never I guess that the legal term for my grandson is illegitimate....born out of wedlock.  However, paternity was proven/acknowledged by signing documentation at the hospital....and on July 13, 2012 when he agreed to pay child support thru the court system.
These 2 families, both maternal and paternal...have gotten along for the past 5 years.  Very well, I might add.  We trusted each other at our word.  Agreeing to work together for the good of the his best interest.
My son makes weekly child support payments to the State Disbursement Unit here in Illinois.  Due to a payment NOT being put onto her "card" by the disbursement unit "in time"...the mother has denied visitation.  We cannot control the mail during this time of year...standard post can take up to 10 days to arrive even to the closest locations....nor can we control how long it takes the state to put the money onto a "card".  And in all honesty...I have looked thru all the court documents and found NOTHING that states a specific day or time that it has to be put onto a card.  I can only find a statement to the effect that he must make a payment within 7 days of his paycheck. I am wondering if her denial is legal, even tho there was no court ordered visitation?
My son and grandson
I have decided to keep a record, a file on all cashed checks which will prove that payment has been made.  Yes, I am aware that the state can also show proof they were made.  But I will have documentation as to when they were written/dated by having the document. 
The court referred them, my son and mother of the child, to mediation on Dec. 3rd.  The info packet, sent by the mediator was filled out and sent back. Still have heard nothing regarding a date/time for this mediation.  I am sure it will be after the holiday.  I really dislike the waiting game.
I have even looked online to see if perhaps my son could file a motion in the court for temporary relief for visitation...but the only thing I can find is for couples who were married.  Thank goodness he never married this gal. 
My 2 grandsons
I have been helping him in creating visitation and parenting plans this past week for him to use at has literally CONSUMED my daily activities.  I even created a calendar for the year 2014 which show a breakdown of days/weeks/months for visiting with total number of hours spent with the child per month.  Then I broke those hours down into actual days.  What a joke!!!  One month, I believe February, the actual number of full days he will spend with his child for one month is 5.3333 days!  The most actual "days" throughout one calendar month turns out to be 8.735 days.  I did this calendar for my son for visual aid for the mother.  It will hopefully show her that the time she agrees upon is very little.  But anything, at this point, is better than a 2 month VOID! 
I can promise you, that if this does not work out for my son...I will seek Grandparent visitation.  And I would be fine with one weekend per month...or even one day per week, providing it were a full day.
My 2 grandsons
This entire thing has been a nightmare, to say the least.  But it has made me realize that "a person's word is only as good as the person giving it"...and in this case...not so good.  It has given me a feeling of melancholy knowing there is nothing I can personally do about it.  We have talked about the entire situation and what to expect at mediation.  There are so many mistakes he could potentially make...and we don't want that to happen.  He does have rights...however limited.  I just hope those rights are reasonably and fairly addressed.  Fingers crossed!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Round Head~My Favorite Annie~are DONE!!

Here are the 2 babies I made for a wholesale customer...this redhead is really NOT so red...darn flash!!

I LOVE doing this style of doll and can hardly wait to make round head bunny rabbits this upcoming season.

Today...I want to get something off my chest.

I detest winter...I realize it has to happen...I realize there is nothing I can do to change the fact that it is GOING to come regardless how I feel about it.  But, that doesn't mean I HAVE TO like it.  I just have to tolerate it.  

Yes, I live in northern Illinois...just 7 miles from the Wisconsin state line....cold temps accompanied by lots of snow is inevitable for these parts and I am fully aware of that fact...I have lived here for too long not to know it...
I also dislike how people wish for a white Christmas...that live right here in northernIllinois/southern
Wisconsin...PEOPLE...Christmas is going to come whether or not there is snow on the ground or not...and the snow just makes it more miserable.  LOL...that didn't sound right...but I am leaving it and will explain. 
When it snows...and the roads become snow turns into such a MESS...salted, cindered, slushy, slippery, and just a dirty ugly mess.  I hardly go anywhere if the roads are covered...and I have 4-wheel drive...which is "mandatory" here in Illinois...if you want to really go anywhere...LOL.  So, I have to wait to get fabric until the roads are completely clean...and free of that sloppy stuff...I don't mind them a bit wet from the salt...but I am not moving my hiney anywhere if there is snow on the road.   Honestly...I don't see what is sooooo pretty about dirty snow? It is my firm belief that the roads should have heating elements beneath them....ran by solar power...LOL...which would eliminate plowing, salting, and alot of road repairs. hahaha! VOTE FOR ME for Illinois road commisioner!  kidding!
Yes...I think that when frost freezes on the trees and turns them sparkly white it is very pretty...but that isn't is frost.  Anyway....enjoy looking at the White Christmas rant is over...LOL

Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday orders are finally completed.

Yes, the title bears the truth.  I have finally completed all holiday orders and IN TIME for holiday arrival!  I finished the last 2 Sheldon the Elf last nite!  Now...this in no way means that I am completely finished with orders at all...I have some button eyed annies to work on this week with painted eyes...LOVE THOSE...and a few round head annies to do also.  And I love doing the round heads also.
It has been the best season imaginable!  And there was one point where I became completely overwhelmed back in November...didn't think I would be able to finish anything....became totally preoccupied with other things(I will talk about that some other time)....but I picked up this "train" and got it back on track.
I want to thank everyone for their continued patience with me.  And for your patronage!  It is greatly appreciated and it has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you!  Alot of you put a smile on my face when there was nothing but sadness!!!  And I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.  I am very blessed and thankful to have all of you in my life! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm BACK!!!!!

I have not been on this blog in quite awhile...Didn't really think anyone was paying much attention to my overly boring posts.  I have been spending alot of time over on my facebook page...Anyone who is interested can friend request me page is pretty private as are my photos...  I have been doing a few different things since posting here.  You can check them out in these pics
 Pic #1 is my new pattern Itsy Bitsy Raggedies...they are only 14" from head to toe and are available as instant download in my Etsy shoppe .  Follow that link to view all available patterns as instant downloads for only $3.99.  The 2nd pic is my new Button Eyed Annie pattern which is also an instant download pattern. The 3rd pic is also a new pattern My Favorite Annie...also available as instant download. 
Thanks for reading!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I know it has been awhile since I have blogged...and I must look like the ghost of Christmas past...but I wanted to tell you about a pattern sale for the upcoming holiday season I am having on Ebay and within my Etsy shoppe....

THE PICK 3 SALE. That’s right… 3 patterns of your own choosing for $21.00. That’s only $7 per pattern. A savings of $12 on three! And YOU don’t even have to print them…I do…and they come to you via your postman in plastic pattern bags which help keep all your pieces in one place. Shipping on 3 is $2 saving you yet another $1…for a total savings of $13…it is like buying 2 and getting one FREE! International customers…you save almost $3 on shipping!

Here is how it works. You will ONLY use the 2 specific listings to purchase your 3 pattern choices. DO NOT purchase patterns separately. Browse thru my pattern listings for your 3 pattern DO NOT have to purchase the ones shown in the photos...They don't even need to be holiday is all up to you. You will then place a note into your purchase…or message me as to which patterns you would like. All I will need are the 3 pattern numbers. It’s as simple as that! So no more wondering what you should make this holiday season for your upcoming craft shows and bazaars…there are plenty here to choose from...and now is the best time to get them!!

So plug in those sewing machines and get your foot on the pedal to begin creating some unique items for this holiday season!

Here are the links to get you there....